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At Women Exhorting Women we believe that every woman has a story and these stories should be shared to exhort others. Participating in WEW Book Club is a great way to hear non-fictional stories written not only by women but men also. By joining the WEW Book Club you will have the opportunity to network with women and read life-changing books that would allow you to share your life experience and hear inspiring perspectives from other women. The book club meets bi-weekly. Please view the calendar to find upcoming book dates. 

What are we reading in January? Slay in Your Lane: Black Girl Bible

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inspires black British women to make lemonade out of elemons, and find sucess in every area of their lives. 

This book is a gift for anyone who wants to better understand what Black women and girls are up against - and the rtemendous resources they draw upon as they make their way in the world.-Sheryl Sanberg COO of Facebook 

Black women today are well past making waves- we're currently creating something of a tsunami. Women who look like us, grew up similar places to us, talk like us, are shaping almost every sector of society. 

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